Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Opt For Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance For Maximum Benefits At Low Premium

Today, with rising costs, it is vital to set aside some amount of money every month towards the future, so that you can live with dignity and not depend on anyone financially.

Though money saved into bonds, deposits and other forms of investment provide returns, they might not suffice for the kind of financial needs that can arise when you are in the senior years of life, particularly medical expenses.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

This situation can be offset with senior whole life insurance policy which offers good compensation during such a period of life, when retirement income might not suffice and you want to leave behind money for your dependents to meet financial obligations that you have left behind.

About Retirement Insurance And Why You Need It?

The American insurance company is a non-profit organization that looks into the interests of middle and senior citizens in the United States. Out of the many types of insurance policies that it offers for senior citizens, the Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance is an important one.

This life insurance offers policy holders significant benefits, the foremost being that it guarantees that is premium rates will not increase during the policy period. This feature is particular useful for senior citizens who cannot afford to spend heavily on insurance, yet need its benefits. As the rates don’t rise, they pay the same amount for years together. Getting this senior life insurance policy also does not require any medical exam nor are any health questions asked making it easy for older people to get insurance.

Why apply for the Guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance?

It offers benefits for your whole life term instead of just a particular term. As long as you keep making premium payments on time, the policy coverage applies and will come to the aid of your loved one as and when required. The policy will build up a significant cash value over a period of time such as your loved ones will be able to inherit a significant amount of money

What specific benefits are offered by it?

  • Payment for medical expenses
  • Coverage for final expenses
  • Compensation to loved ones through which they can pay for expenses after your lifetime
  • The benefits offered are reduced during the first two years of the policy but after that they are available fully regardless of age or health.
  • Any other loan payments or debts that you might leave behind

Who can apply for this policy?

It can be applied by members who are between the ages of 50 to 80 and also their spouses between the ages 45 to 80.

What is the application process?

The application process is simple and in many states, it can be completed online.

Will coverage from policy stop at any age?

No, the Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance is an exceptional policy which gives coverage throughout your lifetime. When the policy holder reaches 95 years of age, all coverage is considered as paid up, so no need to make any more premium payments. However, the policy coverage extends beyond that age till the lifetime of that person.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
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