Types Of Deaths Not Covered By Life Insurance

Types Of Deaths Not Covered By Life Insurance

Life insurance is a must today because it provides much-needed compensation when an earning family member is no longer able to provide financially due to severe disability or has passed away.

Types Of Deaths Not Covered By Life Insurance
Deaths Not Covered By Life Insurance

It enables the policy holder’s loved ones to get on with the rest of their lives, enabling them to carry out various financial obligations thus coping with the difficult circumstances that they have to now face for the rest of their lives.

Situations Under Which A Claim Cannot Be Made On Life Insurance Policy

Before signing up for a life insurance policy, it is vital for the policy holder to know about inclusions and exclusions to policy clam as only then there will be no confusion at the time of making a claim.

When a policy holder passes away, a claim can be made by loved ones on his or her life insurance policy and payout is made by the insurance company based on the cause of death. However, there are certain causes of death that cannot be used to make a policy claim. In case the policy holder passes away due to drug influence or alcohol consumption, the insurance company will reject claim.

This will also happen if passing away is caused by smoking habit which was not declared at the time of policy sign up. If the policyholder is someone who likes to indulge in adventure sports, like car racing, paragliding, skydiving, hiking, once again no payout can be gained.

Which type of death is covered in term insurance?

When the policy holder has a transmitted disease like HIV/Aids no compensation can be availed. In case the policy holder is affected by critical illness, a claim cannot be made on the policy for expenses airing from treatment and separate policy has to be purchased for this purpose.

In the event of policy holder passing away due to hazardous activities such as mixing chemicals, experimenting with dangerous substances else has inflicted injuries on him or herself or taken an overdose of medical drugs, claim cannot be made on the policy.

When the policy holder passes away due to natural calamity such as floods, earthquake etc, payout cannot be obtained. Situations like suicide is not covered by life insurance and hence no compensation is given to the surviving relatives.

What is not covered in my life policy?

In case the policy holder was pregnant and death was caused due to complications related to this condition, once again policy will not payout. In case death of policy holder is due to involvement in criminal activity, payment once again will not be made.

In the event of the policy holder passing away, leaving behind mortgage payments, life insurance policy cannot be sued to make the mortgage payment. It is to be noted that life insurance is meant to give protection to your loved ones, in the event of an unexpected situation wherein they face difficult circumstances.

Coverage from the policy offers ample assistance in coping with the financial losses arising from this problem. However it is to be noted that there are certain circumstances in which the policy will not pay and knowing about them helps determine beforehand if a claim has been made.

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Top Facts to Know about Life Insurance for Depression before Application

Top Facts to Know about Life Insurance for Depression before Application

Top Facts to Know about Life Insurance for Depression before Application

Today many people show that they are suffering from some form of mental health problem or another which cause health issues. Consequently when someone with depression is trying to get insurance, they will be told that they are a high risk category and that premiums are going to be very high.

Life Insurance for Depression
Life Insurance for Depression

Some insurance companies do not provide insurance to people with depression while others offers it based on certain criteria which must be satisfied by the applicant.

Questions Posed To Applicants Seeking Cover With Depression

Companies offering insurance for depressed people ask a lot of questions because they want to find but how much of a risk the applicant is before issuing a policy. In case of those with mild depression, the premium charges are nominal.

However,  for those with severe depression, who are taking depression medication or who have been hospitalized due to it, the rates are very high as they fall under the high risk category. Here is a look at the list of questions likely to be asked by life insurance providers for those seeking cover with depression:

  • What are the symptoms experienced and whether the applicant has been affected by mental illnessess other than depression?
  • Has the applicant taken time off work or has quality of work become affected due to depression?
  • How often does the applicant experience periods of depression and how long does each period last?
  • Have the applicant sought medical treatment for the problem and if so, what type of treatment has been taken?
  • Is the applicant still receiving treatment or has the problem been dealt with and  no bouts of depression have been felt since the last treatment session
  • Did the applicant get hospitalized due to depression and if so why and when?
  • Is there a history of depression in the family?
  • At any point of time did the applicant contemplate suicide?

Important Points To Keep In Mind For Life Insurance To Cover Suicide

It is to be noted that insurance companies offering a life policy for people with depression issue a policy only after finding out their complete medical history. So, when they look at this history and find out that the applicant has been diagnosed with depression but not taking treatment, the rates charged are high. On the other hand, if the history shows that the applicant has taken the situation seriously and undergoing treatment sessions, taking pills regularly etc, the rates come down.

Life Insurance For Depression Sufferers

When the insurance company asks questions about depression it’s vital for applicants to give honest answers because they can find out the truth. If they find out any lies, they will charge more rates that otherwise.

In case any information on the depression problem has been hidden in the event of any incident by which the policy holder passes away, the beneficiary will not get enough money or might even be denied settlement on account of fraud behind the cause of the incident.

Can you get life insurance with mental illness?

Today, it is vital to take a life insurance policy to bring more security into your life. However, it is to be noted that there are many factors to consider when there are mental health issues involved.

So, if you are having depression and want to take out a policy, look specifically for companies who can offer it at the best rates and check out their conditions for policy issue and opt for a policy when you can be satisfied with them. 

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The Hope Program, Its Features And How To Avail It

The Hope Program, Its Features And How To Avail It

Imagine a situation wherein you have purchased a lovely home on loan and at the time of purchase, your job was steady, hence you felt that the loan could be easily repaid.

The Hope Program
The Hope Program

However, in the course of a couple of years, the job fell through and are now forced to sell the house by foreclosure. However, you are expecting a new job or a source of income by which you can pay the loan amount by at a reduced rate. What can you do under the circumstances? Look into the HOPE program.

Hope Program And Eligible Criteria

Hope for Homeowners (H4H) program or HOPE is a loan program that is offered by the FHA to help homeowners who are distressed repay their loan and avoid a foreclosure.

It helps to refinance your loan, so that you can keep the house and comes to assistance when there is simply no other means of paying the loan amount right away. As part of this loan program, you must surrender to the government 50 percent of the home’s equity as only then can you get the loan amount and keep the house, thus avoiding foreclosure.

Eligibility : Hope Mortgage Program

  • The property that is facing foreclosure must be your primary residence
  • You should not own any other home, so if you happen to get rental income from a vacation home, don’t bother about applying
  • You must not have done anything illegal in the past ten years or convicted for any crime during that period
  • You should be able to show that income is very small and you are having difficulty in paying the mortgage amount every month
  • As part of the process o availing this loan, your home will be appraised. The appraiser will determine the exact value and condition of the property based on which the amount of loan that can be sanctioned to you can be determined.
  • It is to be noted that this program will not allow you to get 100 percent amount on the value of the property. It will only give you 93 percent of your home’s value.

When you get a loan through the HOPE program, you will also get a mortgage insurance premium, which has to be paid along with the loan repayment amount every month.  Its purpose is to settle the entire loan should a situation arise whenever you are unable to make premium payments.

Legitimate rent to own programs

By applying for the HOPE program also known as the HOPE mortgage program, you will be able to live in your dream home and do not have to face the difficult prospect of putting it up for sale in the market.

Low income home loans for single mothers

The process of getting the loan is very methodical and by following it correctly, you can be sure of getting the finance necessary to pay of the original mortgage loan, and take out one in which the monthly premium amount is less. Hence your problems in having to pay a huge amount of money every month is gone and replaced by a lesser amount that can be borne better.

Official Website:

Check out Home Insurance Quotes:

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Top 10 Vacant Home Insurance Companies Online

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Mortgage Life Insurance Your Solution To Mortgage Repayment After Your Lifetime

Mortgage protection insurance

Why Is Homeowners Insurance Important and what does homeowners insurance cover

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Life Insurance For Seniors Over 88 to 95?

Benefits Offered By Life Insurance For Seniors Over The Age Of 88

Today, rising costs are of high concern particularly for the elderly. You might have been able to manage some expenses in your sixties, but they would have risen manifold by the time you entered your eighties.

With no means to work for a living at this age, you need to rely on available sources of retirement income to make a living. Investing in senior life insurance policy is an option available today for those in their 80s and 90s and surprising at it may sound it helps to solve financial needs arising during this period of time.

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 88 to 95?
Life Insurance For Seniors Over 88 to 95?

Importance Of Life Insurance For People Over 85

The main question that arises now is…. How can someone over the age of 88 get a life insurance policy? Insurance companies recognize such needs now more than ever due to the growing rate of prices. 

By offering senior life insurance for people in their 80s or over the age of 85, what they see is an opportunity to give people in their very senior years of life the chance to invest into something fruitful, through which their dependents can get significant returns. It is to be noted that life insurance for seniors over the 85 mainly covers their final expenses, which can be considerable in today’s times.

Can’t Loved Ones Provide For An Elderly Person In Their 80s?

Loved ones who look after a person above the age of 80 or 90 are at times at their wit’s end due to the heavy demands on their finances to look after them. Usually it is medical expenses that bog them down, but if the elderly person were to suddenly pass away, they are left with heavy final expenses which they are unable to cope with suddenly.

It is specifically such drastic needs that life insurance for seniors above 88 addresses.Usually when an elderly loved one passes away what happens is that their dependents have to deal with the many expenses that were left behind.

These can be personal, debt and most importantly medical bills. Loved ones who spend hundreds of dollars on such essential expenses, find that there is reduced availability of finances for final expenses which are really high today owing to rising costs. However, if a senior life insurance policy had been taken, compensation for final expenses can be availed through it thus reducing their burden considerably.

Can someone over 80 get life insurance?

It is to be noted that life insurance for seniors at 88 will not require medical examination and can be availed fast. However for the first two years, there will be no compensation to loved ones from the policy.

Effects of the policy come to the fore from the third year by which in the event of the policy holder passing away, dependents gain benefit. This policy can also be used to slowly build wealth for them so that loved ones have a certain amount of money available to meet their expenses when they are in a situation in which they cannot longer be provided for by the policy holder’s income.

Main benefit. This policy can also be used to slowly build wealth for them so that loved ones have a certain amount of money available to meet their expenses when they are in a situation in which they cannot longer be provided for by the policy holder’s income.

Senior Life Insurance Policy With No Medical Exam

There are many companies that offer senior life insurance policy but specifically ask them about plans for people over the age of 85,88,90,92 etc. You will find many to have plans for people of such ages, giving exactly the kind of response required in terms of coverage and pricing. Avail now so that huge medical bills can be eased with quick compensation from the policy.

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Does Life Insurance Cover Suicide?

A Look At Whether Life Insurance Covers Suicide

After a certain age it is vital to take a life insurance policy because so many family members will be depending on you for their financial needs. In case of sudden passing away, who will be there to protect and provide for them?

They have to manage so many money obligations right away. It is in this context that coverage from life insurance come to be of help. It pays out to meet those financial needs that cannot be coped up suddenly when the family bread winner is no more.

Does Life Insurance Cover Suicide?
Does Life Insurance Cover Suicide?

Does Life Insurance Pay If The Policy Holder Has Committed Suicide?

Life insurance pays out under the critical circumstance of the policy owner no longer being present to provide for loved ones, who are already having a very difficult time emotionally in dealing with the heavy loss.

Money from the policy can be used to settle medical bills, debts, children’s education fees and much more. However, payment can be availed only if the policy holder dies due to a disease or an accident. Does suicide come into the picture here? No.  No payment is given to loved ones if the policy holder passes away because he or she committed suicide.

However, there are exceptions to this rule as can be seen when insurance companies pays out when the policy holder dies due to drug overdose.

Life insurance for depression Sufferers

In this context, though it was due to he or she taking too much of drugs that the situation happened, still it was not intentional. The insurance company considers such a case as that of accidental suicide and so makes a payout to the policy holder.

In the event of the insurance company offering suicide rider, the life insurance company will pay out in the event that the policy holder passes away due to suicide in the first two years of purchasing the policy. Why?

This rider is provided with the intention that the policy holder will not think or try to commit suicide so that beneficiaries get paid. Benefits of this rider come into effect only if the policy holder passes away after two years of purchasing it and not before. If passing away of the policy holder happens due to self inflicted harm, within two years of policy purchase, no payout happens.

How Do Life Insurance Policies deal with Suicides, Anxiety and Depressions?

What about physician assisted suicides? In such situations, the life insurance company does not make a payout if the policy holder passes away within two years of making policy purchase. However, if the physician assisted suicide was availed after the two year period, the policy will certainly make a payout.

It is to be noted that self-inflicted harm to end one’s life is very grievous and loved ones will certainly feel more burdened by the thought of having to be provided by a policy that pays out for such a situation.

However, it is only under certain situations that such payment is made which should be noted by every individual when making life insurance policy purchase.

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A Look at the Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies In The USA

A Look at the Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies In The USA

Various medical companies in the US vie with one another to give the best plans to people. Out of them a couple stands out from the rest due to their affordable health insurance plans and wide range of policy benefits.

Here is a look at the top 10 medical companies in the USA:

Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies In The USA

1.Blue Cross

Zip Code:


One of the top companies is Blue Cross, which is unique for the wide number of plans that it offers and also its various customization options. Easy reordering of medication through the company site and a free wellness program that offers discounts are its attractive features.

2. Aetna

Aetna is a prime medical insurance company offering some of the most attractive plans at very nominal rate. Take a look at their plans for people who are more than 55 years of age and you will find them to be certainly lower priced than what you see elsewhere.

3. Cigna

Cigna is yet another prime medical insurance company offering a wide range of attractive plans at very affordable rates. Their key feature is simple but effective policy plans, which offer a host of benefits to people.

4. Humana

You will find Humana to offer a wide range of attractive policies which cover everything ranging from a routine checkup to something as big as an emergency surgery. As it supports the ‘Accountable Care Payment Model’, bonuses are given to doctors to keep patients healthy.

5. United Health Care

Look into United Health Care to get a comprehensive policy which offers a wide range of coverage benefits at the lowest cost. Their policies offer a host of attractive features through which different types of discounts and reductions can be availed for treatment.

6. Centene

Another company that offers good insurance plans is Centene. Providing the most attractive coverage benefits, it’s clear to see why it has net sale worth more than 16 billion annually. Their affordable plans come with variety of options and the most essential coverage benefits which help pay policy holders much needed compensation during difficult situations.

7. Well Care health plans

You will find Well Care health plans to be highly attractive as they offer a host of benefits like none other. The company offers insurance through Medicaid and Medicare Health Plans as well as Medicare Prescription plans. Its net sales in 2017 crossed 374 billion, which shows the popularly of its low cost insurance schemes.

8. Molina Heath Care

Molina Heath Care offers a variety of affordable medical insurance plans for individuals and families. It primarily offers the government insurance schemes Medicare and Medicaid and its aim is to give insurance coverage benefits to people with the lowest income levels.

9. Kaiser Permanente

One of the most attractive medical insurance providers is Kaiser Permanente which offers a wide range of benefits for individuals as well as policy holders. Some of the features of their polices are highly attractive offering good value for money and good coverage benefits.

10.Health Care Service

Health Care Service organization is one of the oldest insurance companies in the US, offering comprehensive policies through its BlueCross and BlueShield plans, for individual, families and groups.

Get A Health Insurance Quotes
Get A Health Insurance Quotes
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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Opt For Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance For Maximum Benefits At Low Premium

Today, with rising costs, it is vital to set aside some amount of money every month towards the future, so that you can live with dignity and not depend on anyone financially.

Though money saved into bonds, deposits and other forms of investment provide returns, they might not suffice for the kind of financial needs that can arise when you are in the senior years of life, particularly medical expenses.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

This situation can be offset with senior whole life insurance policy which offers good compensation during such a period of life, when retirement income might not suffice and you want to leave behind money for your dependents to meet financial obligations that you have left behind.

About Retirement Insurance And Why You Need It?

The American insurance company is a non-profit organization that looks into the interests of middle and senior citizens in the United States. Out of the many types of insurance policies that it offers for senior citizens, the Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance is an important one.

This life insurance offers policy holders significant benefits, the foremost being that it guarantees that is premium rates will not increase during the policy period. This feature is particular useful for senior citizens who cannot afford to spend heavily on insurance, yet need its benefits. As the rates don’t rise, they pay the same amount for years together. Getting this senior life insurance policy also does not require any medical exam nor are any health questions asked making it easy for older people to get insurance.

Why apply for the Guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance?

It offers benefits for your whole life term instead of just a particular term. As long as you keep making premium payments on time, the policy coverage applies and will come to the aid of your loved one as and when required. The policy will build up a significant cash value over a period of time such as your loved ones will be able to inherit a significant amount of money

What specific benefits are offered by it?

  • Payment for medical expenses
  • Coverage for final expenses
  • Compensation to loved ones through which they can pay for expenses after your lifetime
  • The benefits offered are reduced during the first two years of the policy but after that they are available fully regardless of age or health.
  • Any other loan payments or debts that you might leave behind

Who can apply for this policy?

It can be applied by members who are between the ages of 50 to 80 and also their spouses between the ages 45 to 80.

What is the application process?

The application process is simple and in many states, it can be completed online.

Will coverage from policy stop at any age?

No, the Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance is an exceptional policy which gives coverage throughout your lifetime. When the policy holder reaches 95 years of age, all coverage is considered as paid up, so no need to make any more premium payments. However, the policy coverage extends beyond that age till the lifetime of that person.

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Mortgage Life Insurance Your Solution To Mortgage Repayment After Your Lifetime

Mortgage Life Insurance – Your Solution To Mortgage Repayment After Your Lifetime

As with everyone, the most important thing that you would want to have is a home. However, with rising property values, most people find it very difficult to pay the entire amount upfront and take a mortgage. The home is purchased on loan given by a financial instruction or bank.

Zip Code:

However it is to be noted that mortgage periods are huge and can be anything between 10, 20 or even 30 years. What if you become disabled or pass away during this period? How will your mortgage monthly payment be met with? Such situations call for mortgage life insurance.

About Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance enables your family to meet mortgage expenses in the event of your sudden passing away or becoming an invalid. Usually a home mortgage is taken up by people in their early thirties and the repayment period can be something around ten or fifteen years.

Mortgage Life Insurance For Seniors

Mortgage Life Insurance For Seniors

During this period, monthly repayment will be made against the loan, but if any sudden life threatening problem arises, the family will be left with the burden of having to make a huge mortgage payment every month, when your income is no longer available to support them.

Taking mortgage life insurance offers them compensation in the event of such a situation. It will pay out for the entire mortgage amount so that the home belongs to your dependents. Usually most home insurance or life insurance companies offer a 100 percent payout, but this percentage might reduce when you have a very big mortgage amount to repay.

How To Avail Mortgage Protection Insurance

Applying for an mortgage protection insurance can be done when taking the mortgage. It will get added up to your monthly mortgage loan amounts. Application can be done online and monthly premiums are very affordable. Those who have difficulty in getting regular senior life insurance will find this type to be very suitable for their needs.

Important Points To Note about best mortgage protection insurance companies

It is to be noted that the insurance coverage decreases as you pay off the mortgage principle. So of you have paid of $50,000 from the original $200,000, m Mortgage life insurance is only for the remaining $150,000. The premium amount will not reduce with the decrease in coverage.

Mortgage Life Insurance For Seniors

This particular feature makes it very different from regular life insurance policy. In the event of a loss due to which claim is made on the policy, payment will be towards the financial institution that is providing the loan and not any of the people depending on you.

It is to be noted that mortgages take time to repay. Due the huge repayment period anything can happen which can result in the monthly repayments going unpaid due to lack of funds. Don’t let a lovely home that you took so long to build and protect go away due to financial debt. Apply for mortgage life insurance to protect your loved ones in the event of loss of life or permanent disability, which leaves behind the burden of mortgage loan repayment.

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How to Find The Best Travel Insurance For Seniors

How to find the best travel insurance for seniors

We don’t mean to scare you, but we cannot forgo the fact that traveling can be risky; especially if you are a senior citizen. The older we are, the more fragile we get, which increases our susceptibility towards health hazards and accidents.

Senior citizens suffering from a health condition, or for that matter with no health condition at all, should avail a travel health insurance. Since senior citizens are plagued by a number of medical conditions which can reoccur during traveling an insurance is necessary.

Best Travel Insurance For Seniors

Always remember that your medical coverage will be invalid without a travel insurance. Any medical emergency can cost you a lot of money, if things don’t go as planned so such an insurance can really help you out.

How to find the best travel insurance for seniors

How to find the best travel insurance for seniors

Why do you need a travel insurance?

Change in weather condition, foreign climate, different food, can aggravate health problems, especially among senior citizens over 50 to 70. A medical travel coverage will provide illness and injury care during your trip. Most of us are well aware of the high medical costs in most countries, and any mishap can suck our lifetime funds dry. Therefore, opting for a travel insurance for seniors over 70 to 90 is an excellent solution to all the aforementioned problems.

How to buy one?

You can easily book a travel insurance online from the comfort of your home. You can go through the insurance policy and get a quote, which can help you to narrow down from the variety of coverage plans available across the internet.

Make your travel easy with Travel Insurance

In case you would like to travel the world after retiring then there are some “worldwide” policies which can be of great assistance to you. You can travel across the globe with the assistance of such a coverage plan, without any hassle.

It is very important to check out for the age limit of the policy as well as the medical exhaustion. Be sure to find out till when the policy will be active, and is their an age limit to it. Apart from that, there are some policies which do not cover pre-existing health conditions, and can pose a problem.

So be sure to read the terms and conditions. If possible, let a law practitioner you through the clauses of the policy before you pay for it and sign on the dotted line.

Types of Travel Medical Insurance

There are some major types of coverage offered by insurance providers and they are baggage coverage, financial default coverage, pre-existing medical condition coverage, medical coverage, evacuation coverage, etc. Try to get hold of a policy which provides with most of the aforementioned coverage, if not all.

Travelling can be risky for senior citizens, which is why it is always better to be safe than sorry. An
AAA travel insurance cover will help you enjoy your trips and vacations without the stress of paying medical bills.

God forbid, in case of a mishap the travel medical coverage will act as a buffer for you. Keep an eye on the internet and compare between the different policies to find the perfect one for you. Always choose a reliable company which has a strong reputation. Enjoy yourself on a trip rather than worrying about medical bills. You can visit my site mylifeinsuranceforelderly.com for latest updates.

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The Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies

The Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies

Here are 10 of the Best Auto Insurance companies in the industry. Offering a wide variety of services, this list is surely going to help you make a choice. Read ahead to know more!

Which is the best car insurance company from which we should buy policy for my car?

The Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies

The Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies

Best Auto Insurance Companies

Let’s check out the updated best car insurance companies and let’s know the details about it. We have compiled the list of the same with various references. They provide the verities of coverage and services.

1. Progressive

Zip Code:

Progressive group of insurance companies has been around since the early 19th century, who were the first to provide drive in claims in the country. Today, they provide a range of services starting from car insurance to commercial insurance. They provide personalized services such as snapshot program and also provides car insurance shopping options for its customers. It is based in Ohio.

2. State Farm

They are a group of financial and insurance service providers, which has been running since 1922, which has around 343 drive-in claim offices and 30 operating centres today. The services they have a hand in include auto insurance, banking and investing. State Farm is based in Bloomington, Illinois.


Government Employee Insurance Company (GEICO) familiar with its advertising style is an auto insurance company that has provided coverage for more than 24 million motor vehicles. It operates under Berkshire Hathaway. It is based in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

4. The Hartford

Operating since 1810, the firm offers casualty insurance and financial services to its customers. It offers auto insurance, property insurance and general liability insurance. It is based in in Hartford, Connecticut.

5. Allstate Insurance

Operating since 1931, Allstate Insurance is a publicly held insurance provider and one of the largest in the United States. They provide services like auto, boat, home, motorcycle and business insurances. It is also involved in banking services. It is based in Illinois.


United Services Automobile Association (USAA) offers miscellaneous financial services for veterans of the U.S. military since 1922.It also offers banking and insurance services to Armed forces, officers and their immediate families. It is based in San Antonio, Texas.

7. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Group is a global insurer, which is enlisted as the largest casualty and property insurer in the United States. It also provides other services like auto insurance for seniors, workers’ compensation and so on. It is based Boston, Massachusetts and has been functioning since 1912.

8. Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance offers auto, business, home and life insurances to policyholders and it offers property and casualty insurance and life products which operates elegantly in 26 states through independent agents. It consists of 98 claim offices and other underwriting branch offices as well. It is based in Michigan.

9. Esurance

Esurance is auto insurance company that provides B2C (business to customer) services through your mobile phones. It first came into play at the end of 19th century. It has been operating as a subsidiary for the Allstate Corporation, which is a public company from May 2011.

10. Quote Wizard

It operates as an online marketplace for insurance comparison. It is also regarded as a research tool for the consumers. You can compare your insurance rates, which helps you make affordable choices for your automobile insurance.

Auto Insurance quotes

Auto Insurance quotes

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